Revolutionizing the On-Demand Industry

We are using technology at its best to Revolutionize the On-Demand Industry which has much to explore and much to offer in all aspects. We believe we are writing a playbook for how hyperlocal businesses can be built with sustainable unit economics and capital responsibility. As a team, we are more focused to enable local merchants to get closer to their users and make their operations easy. At the same time, with our unique approach and state of the art technology, we give individual users an opportunity to explore the unexplored using HAWQR.

What We Do

The answer is simple, We bring your favourite restaurants, takeaways grocery stores, laundry services and medical stores to your doorsteps.

Consider a scenario where you have reached the airport and while in security check you get to know you forgot your Passport at your home or in your office which is 60 minutes away. What would you do? The answer is HAWQR. Simply place a pickup request and leave the rest up to us, we have got you covered.

Safe, Secured and Hassle-free Services

We take utmost care of your goods and treat them as our own, while it's in transit and make sure it's delivered as you expect it.

Safety and Reliability

We take the utmost care of your consignment and deliver it intact.

Real Time Tracking

Now see your package moving in realtime using our application.

Affordable and Transparent

Minimum costing and no hidden charges to surprise you at the last moment.